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Disclose with Complete Confidence – Introducing Cadency’s Completion

It’s old news by now that reporting practices have grown increasingly complex. But here’s the news flash – they’re only getting more so. And so in order to avoid unnecessary risk, CFOs leverage the distributed expertise of their employees to create consistently accurate and timely financial statements. Noncompliance just isn’t an option.

The most successful financial reporting teams employ an iterative process to tackle the three pillars of disclosure management: document authoring, content management, and XBRL. And yet many financial disclosure products still force customers to conform to a linear toolset which reinforces an outdated, siloed structure.

Introducing Completion

That’s exactly why Trintech developed its new disclosure management solution Completion. Part of Trintech’s Record-to-Report solution Cadency, Completion is a powerful document authoring, management, and tagging environment which goes well beyond the narrow capabilities of XBRL. Completion is the only financial disclosure solution which allows SEC Reporting Managers to disclose with complete confidence.

  • Streamlines delivery of all regulatory submissions and supporting documents including EDGAR HTML and XBRL
  • Automates creation of financial disclosures to reduce risk of error and shorten timelines
  • Links stakeholders with a collaborative “workflow playbook”

The solution’s unique document management capability allows multiple users to collaborate on the same document or set of documents concurrently. Common content is shared and reused across and within documents, ensuring a single, compliant version of the truth. Intuitive “task cards” remind each stakeholder of their responsibilities, and a powerful dashboard interface offers real-time tracking and verification that work is proceeding according to plan.

Completion was developed by some of the finest minds in finance. You don’t need any proprietary tools or jargon to use it – the software is designed to conform to your workflow and can be installed in a matter of hours. To learn more, download this complimentary white paper today.

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