Completion Benefits

With Completion, you can submit regulatory filings with complete confidence!

Cadency’s Completion is a production platform to manage and record the entire financial reporting process from period close to regulatory filing. Completion fully automates the creation of financial disclosures to reduce risk of error and shorten the process timeline. Advanced collaboration, validation and workflow features allow you to harness the distributed expertise of key stakeholders within your business in order to streamline the process of creating your financial statements.

Completion is a powerful single-source solution for both content and XBRL management. Completion allows companies to more effectively manage both externally facing regulatory documents as well as critical internal documents by offering seamlessly integrated XBRL functionality to address any content editing and tagging requirements.

Cadency’s Completion streamlines the delivery of all regulatory submissions & supporting documents and links all your stakeholders with a collaborative “workflow playbook.”

Stakeholders are given an automatically updated view of the entire process, maximizing transparency while allowing any team member with process responsibility to interactively address questions in real time via the Issue system.


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