Adra Balancer by Trintech

A Modern Approach to Balance Sheet Reconciliation

Get the speed, accuracy and control you’ve been wanting in your balance sheet reconciliation process.

Adra Balancer by Trintech automatically reconciles low-risk accounts and focuses on key accounts to eliminate write-off risks.

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Experience the benefits of Adra Balancer.

  • Fast, easy reconciliation preparation
  • Increased visibility and knowledge sharing
  • Reduced errors and more control with streamlined approval
  • Simplified compliance with instant tracking that creates audit-ready balance sheets
  • Increased productivity through prioritized workflows

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“We had binders and binders of hard copies. We've taken a clumsy process and automated workflows and prioritized key accounts and high-risk accounts. Adra Balancer has made us more efficient and allowed us to keep pace with our fast-growing business.”
Controller, Banking Industry

Case Study

Case Study

Protector Insurance

Protector Insurance was growing fast, but its finance department was stuck in the past, manually reconciling accounts and storing them in three-ring binders.The Adra Suite moved the company from manual to modern, providing more control over the financial close process.

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