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The Hub for Your Financial Close Checklist

Streamline your process and close faster with confidence.

Checklists, project discussions, library of tasks, status updates: they all live together in Adra Task Manager by Trintech.

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Experience the benefits of Adra Task Manager.

  • Create ownership and accountability with centralized close checklists
  • Increase efficiency with continuous monitoring of what needs to be done and when
  • Reduce risk with built-in segregation of duties and stronger internal controls
  • Improve collaboration with better flow of information and more transparency, reducing time spent in meetings
  • Save time by standardizing tasks and adopting best practices

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“By implementing Adra Task Manager, we defined common management rules and tasks in our close process. Our team is now on the same page, reducing the need for time-consuming calls and meetings. I can quickly see the progress we're making and help where needed. Everyone is a lot happier.”
Global Controller, Software Company

Case Study

Case Study

Protector Insurance

Protector Insurance was growing fast, but its finance department was stuck in the past, manually reconciling accounts and storing them in three-ring binders.The Adra Suite moved the company from manual to modern, providing more control over the financial close process.

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