Accounts & Receivables Data Migration

Adra Accounts and Receivables customers will be migrating from Microsoft RDP to Citrix Server. This industry leading enterprise datacenter stack will allow customers to benefit from enhanced availability and performance in an SSAE18/ISO27001 certified environment.

Accounts & Receivables Login Guide Video – watch this video to guide you through the login process the first time!

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Download Data Migration Login Guide


Q. When will the migration occur?

A. Customers will be migrated in staggered waves to ensure a high-quality customer experience throughout the process. Please refer to the recent email specific to your migration date or reach out to if you need additional assistance in understanding your migration date.

Q. Does this require any changes on our end?

A. Yes, as a user you will have to download a new connection icon in order to connect to the new instance. When migrating to a new vendor and location, we are at the same time changing the hosting technology, meaning we are moving from Microsoft RDP to Citrix, which necessitates this step.

You can download the client from the following URL:

If you are using the SFTP server to upload files into Accounts or Receivables you will be provided with a new user from support and the new URL: s

Username and password will be provided to you before the migration occurs.

Q. Will there be any changes in functionality?

A. Accounts and Receivables will function as they do today and there will be a small improvement in the method with which users access local files and folders.

Q.Will you support Multi-Factor Authentication or Single Sign-on?

A. No, multi-factor authentication or single sign on are not supported today, but please refer our innovation portal if you would like to raise this as an idea.

Q. What is the expected downtime during the migration?

A. Expected downtime will be short, but we are setting up an 8-hour window within which service might be interrupted. You will be contacted before the migration to align on the date and also after the migration is successful so you can login and validate.

Q. Will the change have an impact on security?

A.  No adverse impact on security, all data and connections will be done over secure/encrypted channels. After the migration, all data at rest will be encrypted. From the day of migration, our password policy will also include password expiry of 60 days.

Q. How do I log in?

A. You will log in through

Enter username and password. Chose application and open the Citrix receiver. The application will then open as usual.

Data Storage

Q. Where will my data be stored?

A. Your data will be stored at an SSAE18/ISO27001 certified data center in Germany.


Q. Will this change have any commercial and/or pricing impact?

A. No, this migration does not impact your current agreement with Trintech Adra, nor is there a fee for the migration.