Outsourced Accounting Powered by Trintech

Outsourced Accounting Powered by Trintech

Financial Close Automation that Drives Outsourced Accounting Companies to Scale

Outsourced Accounting Firms Who Partner with Trintech Gain...

An Automated Month-End

We empower Outsourced Accounting teams to leverage best-of-breed solutions for their clients' financial close management processes, allowing you to deliver world-class services to your customers at scale. Our purpose-built suite automates the processes around balance sheet reconciliations, transaction matching, and financial close workflows.

Scalability for Growth

Whether your firm is managing a few clients or hundreds, Trintech helps you service more customers without increasing overhead or any sacrifice to speed, accuracy, or resources. Flexible and scalable implementation options make growth possible without the need to hire additional resources. Trintech's software completes essential functions so teams have time for value-adding tasks.

Standardized Processes

Gain built-in oversight of multiple client/engagement landscapes and unlimited licensing across engagements. Analytics and dashboards provide insight and visibility into existing workflows, allowing your clients to save time and mitigate risk.

Your outsourced accounting best practices are your intellectual property that customers want to adopt.


Financial Close Visibility and Control 

Single Source of Truth
Adra provides a single platform for all financial close processes and documentation.

Close Tasks and Timelines
Your managed accounting best practices are your intellectual property that customers want to adopt. Streamline your internal workflows through a library of standardized tasks lists, which can then be customized to a particular customer’s specific needs.





Multi-way Matching Automation with accuracy Outsourced accounting software can reduce your time spent cleaning up customers' messy spreadsheets.

Daily matching for a fast ROI
With our automated multi-way matching capability (3-way, 4-way, etc.), users can quickly set up match scenarios and deploy intelligent rules to automatically review one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-one, and many-to-many matches.

Exceptions Management
Reduce time spent cleaning up the information in your customers’ spreadsheets in order to prevent data loss and let your team focus only on the exceptions.




Documentation and workflow comments housed within outsourced accounting software replace the needs for emails and team chats.



Centralized Reconciliations Without the Repetition

Save Time on Preparations
Ditch manual tools like spreadsheets for a massive ROI in reduction of hours and manpower by automatically identifying and reconciling matched transactions on the balance sheets.

Real-time Progress Dashboard
Reviewers and managers can immediately see the progress of the reconciliations across month-end and the impact on the business through documentation and workflow comments rather than emails and teams chats.





Trintech's outsourced accounting solutions are ERP-agnostic

In order to manage their day-to-day operations, organizations often implement an ERP system. But to properly manage the office of finance, the financial information with the ERP must be accurately incorporated into the financial close process. To quickly connect this important information to the Adra suite, Trintech has created ERP agnostic connectors. These connectors automatically retrieve the data required for the reconciliation and close processes, as well as validate and post real-time journal entries. Ultimately this maximizes the value of your ERP investment through a streamlined workflow and removes the reliance on your IT team to build out the necessary integration.

While Adra’s products are system-, source-, and file-agnostic, its ability to operate in tandem with your preferred ERP is truly powerful. Adra integrates with many different ERPs globally, such as Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft Great Plains, SAP ECC6, SAP S/4HANA, Oracle Fusion, Visma, TechnologyOne, and many many more. With our flexible integration points, there is no need to reformat the data from your ERP. Mapping those files is straightforward with our import wizard.



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IQ BackOffice

Our Partners Love Us

Adra is not only cost-effective for our customers, but one of the most comprehensive solutions of their kind in the market. Our M3 Professional Services division recognizes that scaling a shared services product is challenging, especially when the labor costs are at an all-time high. Adra delivers the ability for us to spread our workload, manage our teams, and deliver best-in-class services to our customers more efficiently. As an added value, even M3 customers that do not utilize M3 Professional Services support, get access to proprietary pricing and exceptional functionality to better scale their organizations in the same way.

Business Practice Consultant, M3

IQ BackOffice is able to leverage Adra Suite for collaboration, reconciliation, and automation of our best practice accounting services allowing us to meet and exceed our clients’ needs. For example, a recent extension of our offering is our Third-Party Delivery Reconciliation Service offering for the restaurant industry. Adra Matcher allows us to highlight revenue discrepancies between the restaurant, delivery partners, and the bank and resolve them. These services provide restaurants with the visibility and control they need while supporting a reduction in exceptions over time.

VP of Business Development, IQ BackOffice

This strategic partnership with Adra® by Trintech is perfectly complementary from a product, company culture, and geographical markets perspective—we’re excited to combine these powerful products for our rapidly expanding customer base around the world, and work with the wonderful team at Trintech.

CEO, Planful

Our main focus is on making sure our clients are satisfied with the quality of work that we’re doing and implementing a financial close solution would give our clients confidence in the work we are providing. We wanted a solution that we could implement and configure ourselves with little need for a 3rd-party to manage or support. We have now incorporated the implementation of the Adra solution into our go-to-market strategy for onboarding new clients and the process has been seamless. With Adra, most bank reconciliations take a third of the time to complete, most balance sheet reconciliations are fully automated, and we rarely miss a close activity due date.

Senior Managing Director, Auxis

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