MM – Adra vs. Blackline

Adra vs. Blackline

A Comparison of Mid-Market Cloud Financial Close Solutions.

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Managing your financial close process in the cloud comes with significant benefits. When evaluating cloud solution providers it’s important to understand the benefits each can bring to your organization. Or, maybe you’re already utilizing a solution and want to understand if there are alternatives that could provide more value. Either way you’ve come to the right place – discover how Adra by Trintech compares to BlackLine®.

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This comparison report is based on data from G2 user reviews of the Adra Suite and BlackLine.


Adra is Designed for Mid-Market Companies

While enterprise-focused solutions, like BlackLine, can offer very robust feature sets for large enterprise customers, they are not as effective for mid-market companies. These types of solutions require a lengthier setup, configuration, training and ongoing maintenance to properly enable an organization’s finance team.

In the mid-market space, customers typically have a less complex close environment and are looking to gain as much efficiency as possible for their dollar. Generally, these companies require a solution that is easy to implement, straightforward to use and able to provide a quick ROI. These solutions should also save time, reduce risk and improve the effectiveness of the overall close. Excess time spent implementing and maintaining a solution only delays all of these benefits.

Unlike other solutions, Adra by Trintech is designed specifically for the mid-market. Since its creation, Adra’s sole focus has been serving the mid-market space effectively. Our advisory board is made up of only mid-market companies, our innovation portal draws on mid-market focused ideas, and our R&D organization is dedicated to the mid-market.

If you are a Fortune 1000 organization, or have the complexity of one, Trintech’s large enterprise Cadency solution might be a better fit. Learn more about Cadency here.

Adra is Trusted by Brands Around the World

Dallas Cowboys
Queensland Airports Limited
Pacific Smiles Group

Faster ROI. Adra customers see:

reduction in time spent matching transactions
reduction in time spent on balance sheet reconciliations
days to close

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