Introducing Adra Matcher

Automating your transaction management for a better, faster, less stressful financial close

Accounts has been an influential product for Adra. Since the release of the Adra suite a few years back, Adra has been hearing from customers about wanting a matching solution inside the suite providing greater integration with the rest of the suite products, hence why we created Matcher inside the Adra suite.

Built on 20 years of industry experience

Matcher is built on our learnings over the past 20 years to create a feature-rich high-volume matching solution that has all the bells and whistles of Accounts, but with a modern look and feel in the cloud.  Matcher empowers Finance professionals who want to stay inside a single application to complete all month-end close accounting processes while providing a deeper integration between products.

Same functionality, new modern look

Matcher offers the same robust import functionality and matching rules engine that Accounts does, only Matcher is purpose built on a modern framework simplifying the ability to bring transactions into the product. The user interface and experience are what you would expect from today’s technology. The product is easy to use and intuitive to even the most novice user by allowing users to drag and drop files.


Connect to your existing ERP for added flexibility

Matcher is built with integration on top of mind to transform your accounting operations by unifying and automating your close process. Whether it is to the rest of the Adra suite or to other applications in the office of finance such as your ERP, our pre-built connectors allow you to seamlessly bring your transactions directly into Matcher from Sage
Intacct, NetSuite, and many more.

Increased efficiency with matching rule automation

Matcher enables match rules to automatically start when all source files were imported. This increases the efficiency of Matcher, enabling you to fully automate data import and matching, so your team can focus only on exceptions and unmatched transactions.

Powerful dashboards for improved insight

The Matcher reconciliation dashboard provides you with a view of the date and time of the last activities taken for a reconciliation group. Additionally, users can double click down to view more detailed information about the account balances, count of open transactions, and the status of all transactions loaded for the reconciliation group, be they automatically matched, manually matched, or remain open items.

Simplified configuration of automated imports

Matcher has simplified the method by which users can elect to automatically import and approve files into the product. Matcher also allows for additional conditions to the import to force manual approval of the import if a file is imported that is not expected.



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Common Questions

What is the future for Accounts?

Adra will continue to support Accounts as a product in our portfolio. Existing features and functionality will continue to allow customers to use Accounts. However, no new features will be developed in Accounts unless the product is unable to allow companies to comply with governmental requirements, or issues of system performance/stability compromise the product.

Does Matcher offer the same reporting capabilities as Accounts?

If you are just taking exports of unmatched and matched transactions, Matcher offers this functionality directly on those screens. Users can even configure the headers and fields to be included in the exports, as well as save those export configurations for future use.
As a priority, Adra is undertaking a review of reporting capabilities to bring into Matcher. The reporting that will be made available in Matcher will replicate existing Accounts functionality during the second half of 2021.

We’ve already integrated Accounts into our process. What do we do now?

You can continue using Accounts within your existing processes. However, new features will be restricted. If your company is interested in investigating how Matcher could fit into your existing processes, please contact your Adra Account Manager for a feature review and discussion of your existing processes.

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