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How to Improve Communication in Your Office of Finance

Tip Sheet
Communication is essential to drive the completion of each month-end financial close. Accountants and finance professionals are traditional numbers people with exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail, but the ability for an individual to communicate well both verbally and orally is equally as important; particularly as the role of…

Discover How to Automate and Improve Your Financial Close Process

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Why Automate Your Financial Close Process? The close process is one of the most fundamental indicators of the efficiency of your financial infrastructure. The process sets the critical foundation that must be in place before your finance and accounting team can even begin to optimize its role as a true…

Simplify with 10 Financial Close Best Practices

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Regulatory agencies have introduced a host of new standards and accounting rules impacting materiality thresholds, requiring detailed schedules and new disclosures for public filings. To complicate matters, many organizations are being asked to do more with less as headcount numbers are reduced in response to economic pressures. The complexity of…

Reduce Risk & Increase Efficiency Throughout Your Close Process

Reducing risk and improving efficiencies in the month-end financial close should be a priority for every Office of Finance. It's true that many mid-market organizations are navigating their month-end financial closes with manual methods and legacy tools. This not only adds to frustrations but also errors in financial data —…

Common Financial Close Process Challenges

Automating your core financial close processes is often a journey rather than a quick change. Many mid-market organizations are finding the value in automating their financial close processes and implementing process automation to better manage their close tasks and effectively reduce risk and errors. In the webinar, we ask webinar…

Infographic: Finance 2.0, The New Normal for CFOs

The Office of Finance’s role must continue to evolve and place less emphasis on reporting and transaction processing (Finance 1.0). The new norm places a higher focus on identifying growth opportunities, analytics, and strategies that impact the company’s bottom line. The traditional task of closing the books does not rank…

Your ERP Can’t Do It All — Invest In Close Process Automation

It's Time to Automate Your Financial Close and Invest in Close Process Automation. Don’t let a lack of manual processes within your financial close reduce the efficiency of your team. During the webinar, Trintech discusses the most common areas of risk outside of an organization's ERP system and the challenges…