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Webinar: From Task Management to Task Mastery – Maximize Your Workflow with Adra

Webinar On-Demand WebinarsSeptember 22, 2022
According to PwC’s Pulse Survey, eight out of nine executives say they’re experiencing higher-than-normal turnover right now, so it’s no surprise that 81% of CFOs are concerned that high turnover and labor shortages will impact their company’s revenue growth. With this in mind, it falls to the finance team to…

Adra by Trintech: Live Demo with M3

Now more than ever, Finance and Accounting organizations are under increased pressure to complete the month-end close faster and more accurately. This is combined with the new expectation of the Office of Finance to be a true business partner by providing insightful, real-time analytics in order to make faster, business-critical…

Webinar: 5 Best Practices to Modernizing Your Month-End Close

Webinar On-Demand WebinarsSeptember 15th, 2022
According to The Hackett Group’s 2022 CFO Survey, the #1 priority for CFOs was to “invest and accelerate digital transformation.” In today’s environment and competitive marketplace, CFOs understand that digital transformation can give their organization that competitive advantage to help scale their businesses. View this webinar where Trintech will discuss…


Case Study
The Fatland Group moved from a spreadsheet-based, fragmented, and unstructured process into a system with more control and overview Fatland is Norway’s largest private meat company with over 1,000 employees and contractors in Ølen, Oslo, Sandefjord, and Jæren. A total of 17 companies and one affiliated company are currently included…

SAP S/4HANA & Adra by Trintech

Enhance Your SAP S/4HANA environment to create a comprehensive solution Combining the breadth of functionality within SAP S/4HANA with the laser-focused close automation power of Adra's certified connector helps you maximize your ERP investment. Trintech has created an unparalleled, pre-built, SAP connector for the Adra Suite. Through Adra's unified and…

The Ultimate Guide to Financial Close Management

Evolve your financial close process to a value-adding activity. More and more, CFOs are thinking about how their department can have a greater impact on the companywide business by providing analysis, reporting, and strategy instead of just crunching the numbers. So, what does a high-performing and successful finance department look…

Webinar: The Top Financial Close KPIs You Should Be Measuring

Webinar On-Demand WebinarsJuly 21, 2022
The need for real time financial data and insights is more important than ever to enable your organization to make critical decisions. However, many finance and accounting teams don’t have the necessary processes and technology in place to provide their leadership teams with the correct insight needed to drive immediate…

Adra by Trintech Helps Customers Gain Control

In today's fast-paced market, manual methods of handling the financial close process just can't keep up. The Office of Finance that implements financial close automation through Adra by Trintech can see many benefits, from completing the month-end close in fewer days to moving toward more strategic initiatives. Check out this…