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The Business Case for The Adra Suite

White Paper
Manually processing financial data is a time-consuming process, especially for companies that use outdated processes or legacy tools to manage their close. Additionally, the financial close is often plagued with errors, a lack of control and audit trails, and major time crunches. Despite the challenges that are being faced, little…

Webinar: CECL Standard – How to Strengthen Your Internal Controls through Automation

Webinar On-Demand WebinarsOctober 29, 2020
For some industries, the Financial Accounting Standards Board’s new CECL accounting standard is one of the most challenging accounting change projects in more than a decade. The transition to CECL will not only impact how companies calculate their loss reserves, but will fundamentally change processes in both finance and credit…

Achieving a Stronger Financial Close Process For the Future

Nobody could have predicted COVID-19, but its effects on global business were immediate and will echo far into the future. However, very few organizations were prepared to suddenly continue their business processes from dispersed locations. They had to adopt and implement new technologies very quickly, especially the Office of Finance.…

What Customers Love About Finance Automation Software Like Adra

What are the Benefits of Accounting Automation Tools? When searching for a financial automation solution, we know you have a choice. However, not all vendors are the right fit for your organization. Adra® by Trintech customers love the benefits and ROI our products offer within the first month of implementation—…

Insights on COVID-19’s Impact on Finance Operations

The COVID-19 outbreak quickly and dramatically changed the role that the Office of Finance played in the overall organization. While historically seen as “bean counters”, finance and accounting teams were suddenly relied on to guide the organization through an unprecedented time. “It’s no secret that the majority of companies have…

The Evolving Role of the CFO – A Look at the Past, Present and Future

The CFO has transformed from a tactical, “number crunching”, budget-developing role into a strategic financier and partner. The office of the CFO has become increasingly essential to the future of any organization. Over the last few decades, organizations have transitioned from needing the CFO to be a tactical record keeper…