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Achieving a Stronger Financial Close Process For the Future

Nobody could have predicted COVID-19, but its effects on global business were immediate and will echo far into the future. However, very few organizations were prepared to suddenly continue their business processes from dispersed locations. They had to adopt and implement new technologies very quickly, especially the Office of Finance.…

What Customers Love About Finance Automation Software Like Adra

What are the Benefits of Accounting Automation Tools? When searching for a financial automation solution, we know you have a choice. However, not all vendors are the right fit for your organization. Adra® by Trintech customers love the benefits and ROI our products offer within the first month of implementation—…

6 Changes That Come With A Virtual Financial Close

When the 2020 global pandemic hit, businesses had to make the unexpected change to a virtual workforce. This large-scale move cast doubt and uncertainty not only on the future of some organizations but on the integrity of the work produced by the Office of Finance. Trintech sat down with KPMG…

10 Financial Close Rules That Hurt The Office of Finance

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A general lack of visibility, bottlenecks in the workflow and a constant demand from executive management to close faster, all plague the typical close process. Often the result is to adopt a “why fix what’s not completely broken” attitude and throw their budget and efforts into handling the symptoms of…

Infographic: Finance 2.0, The New Normal for CFOs

The Office of Finance’s role must continue to evolve and place less emphasis on reporting and transaction processing (Finance 1.0). The new norm places a higher focus on identifying growth opportunities, analytics, and strategies that impact the company’s bottom line. The traditional task of closing the books does not rank…