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Reduce Risk & Increase Efficiency Throughout Your Close Process

Reducing risk and improving efficiencies in the month-end financial close should be a priority for every Office of Finance. It's true that many mid-market organizations are navigating their month-end financial closes with manual methods and legacy tools. This not only adds to frustrations but also errors in financial data —…

5 Common Financial Compliance Questions

Don’t let a lack of information and visibility leave your organization open to compliance problems. While often left until the end of core financial close processes, having a solid compliance framework is crucial for every Office of Finance. Without an effective control process in place, organizations may experience far-reaching consequences…

A Guide to Stronger Internal Controls & Financial Compliance

Take charge of your financial close controls and compliance. According to EY, one of the key characteristics that separate the “high performers” in the financial close process from the rest of the crowd is that they have a documented and detailed understanding of significant processes. Internal controls are tools that…

Protector Insurance

Case Study
Protector Insurance Uses The Adra® Suite to Gain Full Oversight and Control Over the Financial Close Process. Protector Insurance is a Scandinavian company listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. The company delivers land-based insurance to the commercial and public sectors and distributes its products through insurance brokers. Protector has grown…