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Simplify Your Financial Close

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your office of finance at period end by quickly increasing the efficiency, control and visibility for all key areas of the financial close process.

4 Steps to Simplifying Risk in the Banking Industry

Financial risk is a well-known threat that CFOs factor into their decision-making. Trying to mitigate that risk through a manual approach of emails, spreadsheets and binders is an ineffective defense. In today’s banking industry, there continues to be a steady uptick in instances of financial risk that can impact both…

Eliminate Manual Madness to Simplify Your Financial Processes

For many years, conducting financial processes, such as reconciliations, through a combination of manual methods has been the go-to approach for financial professionals. Everyone knows how the system works, even if it has its faults, and little effort is made each period end to challenge the status quo. But standing…

Your ERP Can’t Do It All

“But we have already deployed a best-of-breed ERP.” This is one of the most common things we hear when we speak to organizations about modernizing their Financial Close process with a leading technology solution. It’s true, an ERP goes a long way towards helping manage parts of the Financial Close…

5 Reasons Spreadsheets Are a Problem

Spreadsheets have been the backbone of finance and accounting for decades even as technology has changed dramatically during the same timeframe. Additionally, there has been a dramatic shift in internal and external reporting requirements, as well as increasing complexity in organizational structure and globalization. Let’s face it; these changes have…

5 Key Questions You Should Be Asking About Compliance

Don’t let a lack of information and visibility leave your organization open to compliance problems. In this infographic, discover the 5 key questions you should be asking about your compliance framework.

Trintech: A Brief History of Innovation

Follow along on Trintech’s own transformation from its beginnings at Trinity College in Dublin through decades of continuous investment and innovation.