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What the Instant Gratification Economy Means for Your Office of Finance

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Patience was long considered a virtue, but today it seems more like an afterthought. Humans appear to be hard-wired to want immediate payoffs, and continuous advancements in technology have made instant gratification more intense. Changing consumer expectations has also affected business-to-business commerce. Information, for example, is moving faster than ever…

Growing Complexity: What Your Finance Organization Should Know

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In an increasingly complex world, finance leaders are being counted on to meet their organization’s demands for efficiency, innovation and business intelligence. The evolution of the role of finance within organizations means you have to make sense of the world around you, what external forces are shaping your business, and how people and places are more interconnected.

A Guide to Financial Close Management

Undergo a Digital Transformation in 3 Key Steps Taking the next step in financial close management will make your organization more compliant, strategically resilient, and best of all, keep your auditors satisfied. In this guide, we uncover the critical building blocks to creating a successful digital transformation of the financial…

A Guide to Control and Compliance

Take charge of your controls Internal controls are tools that help finance managers (and the whole organization) be efficient while avoiding serious problems, such as violation of laws or fraud. In this eBook, we’ll describe the most important steps you must take to implement the necessary control activities, streamline processes…


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Greater visibility and control over the process, with 1.6 million transactions matched automatically With over 600 branches across the country, Jewson is the UK’s leading supplier of sustainable timber and building materials. The first Jewson branch opened in 1836 – for 180 years we have been supplying building materials and…

Protector Insurance

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Protector Insurance was growing fast, but its finance department was stuck in the past, manually reconciling accounts and storing them in three-ring binders.The Adra Suite moved the company from manual to modern, providing more control over the financial close process.