Trintech & Auxis: The Evolution from Traditional to Modern Finance

Trintech and Auxis have formed a strategic alliance to provide organizations with digital solutions that help simplify and automate critical financial processes. As a strategic partner, Auxis offers its clients Trintech’s Adra Suite that helps them achieve a more effective and efficient financial close process while minimizing risk and costs, better utilizing resources, and giving stakeholders full visibility into the close process in real-time.

Digital technology is a tool to help you move from [manual processes] to modern finance. Modern finance requires technology to eliminate a lot of the transactional activity, moving [accountants] from a score-keeper to a true business advisor. – Eric Liebross, VP of Business & Finance Transformation, Auxis


Accelerating the Finance Modernization Journey to Remain Agile and Competitive

More than ever, Finance leaders are under increasing pressure to maximize efficiencies, increase the use of automation, and provide insightful, real-time analytics to the business...

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Since implementing Adra, Auxis has experienced 30% higher Net Promoter Scores than industry peers and has significantly reduced the time spent on rework due to the increased transparency and quality of the work completed leveraging the financial close solution.

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Digitization is a Key Element of the Modern Finance Organization

Auxis shares the latest best practices and trends that forward-thinking CFOs are implementing in order to fast-track their finance transformation journey.

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