Deloitte Shared Services & BPO Conference Kicks off in Budapest – Global Business Services Defined

Recap – Day 1

The 17th Annual Deloitte¬†Shared Services & BPO Conference kicked off this morning in Budapest with 700 or so attendees all wanting a definition of GBS (Global Business Services) and they were not disappointed. In the words of Peter Moller, Deloitte’s Shared Service and BPO Advisory leader “This conference is taking the BS out of GBS”.

Citing this years research survey on GBS Peter said that those organisations moving to GBS typically see 8% productivity improvements due to enabling technologies that can deliver the much needed automation. Great to hear this as a vendor in this space!

Hungary as a location never disappoints and with over 75 SSC’s based here, employing around 30,000 professionals it’s hardly surprising that on stage were some major organisations. I was pleased to see many of our clients on the Agenda!

The plenary session was kicked off by CEO of Global Shared Services, Michel de Zeeuw who spoke about the organisation agility that is a resulting business outcome of GBS particularly around M&A activity. Transparency is a key element of Siemens model, which helps to drive and maintain the customer satisfaction objectives of the business. His words of advice were ‘stay close to the pain points of your business’ this helps to drive through innovation.

Phil Whelan, Global Head of GBS Strategy, BP gave a high energy presentation on how BP GBS is creating a ‘High Performing Asset’ that is helping the organisation reach its strategic goals. BP introduced ¬†‘Service Catalogues’ and an integrated governance model that really puts them into the World Class bracket.

There were so many sessions to choose from you were spoilt for choice… ITV talking analytics, Diageo highlighting what is possible in GBS as well as a site visit to Vodafone, its been a very informative day and I’m now looking forward to the excellent evening entertainment and networking. I will fill you in tomorrow on some feedback from attendees.