Will it be Cloudy for Finance in 2014?

Will it be Cloudy for Finance in 2014?

Most definitely yes… But in a good way!

Trintech has witnessed a shift in the market as our clients more readily adopt Cloud Solutions, becoming more comfortable with the switch in the software delivery model.  Why? Because Cloud just makes things easier, wherever you are and whatever device you are using. BUT, security has to be top notch.  Of course having the highest security in place assures clients that the data is in safe hands, albeit not sitting in their own server room being managed by their IT Staff.

We chose to provide Cloud Software as it just allows more flexibility for an enterprise organization to select which processes they want to assign different users at any given time.  Record-to-Report covers a range of different finance processes, different users with differing skill sets need a tool to automate and control all of the various activities involved in Record-to-Report such as financial close task management, account reconciliation, posting journal entries and financial reporting & filing.  Agility within finance is a necessity today, as finance needs to react fast to market shifts, new acquisitions and more and more regulatory demands.   Providing this agility via a Cloud Solution solves real business problems that legacy ERPs and systems struggle to deliver today.

As we enter 2014 we know our clients are just starting to learn to thrive in the Cloud. But we are sure all of our clients will benefit from the collaborative efficiencies that SaaS will bring them going forward.

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