Trintech Innovation Portal Drives Solution Portfolio Enhancements

In mid-September, Trintech released new, innovative updates to its portfolio of solutions; a major source of the ideas for the solutions’ new capabilities was the Trintech Innovation Portal, a platform for Trintech customers, Trintech employees and partners to submit, vote on and collaborate on ideas.

The Trintech Innovation Portal, accessible through, is a space where users of any Trintech solution can share their ideas for enhancements, vote on ideas submitted by other users, comment on ideas with additional information and much more.

Product Manager Michael Uram said the portal offers transparency and a place for collaboration among users.

“If I were a customer, I would want a transparent place to not only input my ideas, but also learn what other users think is important just like the Trintech Innovation Portal,” Uram said. “It completes that feedback loop – creates a sense of community where others can help strengthen ideas through collaboration.”

New ideas are an important part of any technology company, and Trintech is no different. To date, more than 2,000 votes have been cast, 375 ideas submitted and dozens of comments created, signifying a strong sense of collaboration among the Innovation Portal users. In total, Cadency 4.0 features more than 30 ideas that originated from portal submissions.

Within just a few months of the launch of the portal, 13 percent of the ideas submitted that received more than one vote were included in the Cadency 4.0 update.

Along with additional collaboration and feedback from the Trintech Customer Advisory Board, the company’s product management team reviews and prioritizes popular ideas from within the Innovation Portal and evaluates them as a possibility to include on the product roadmap for new versions of our solutions.

Uram said the Innovation Portal is just another example of the many ways in which Trintech considers its customers’ needs a priority.

“The Innovation Portal is one of several ways we are attempting to improve our relationship with our customers through transparency, along with other efforts from the Product Management team, the Customer Support team and other departments within our company,” Uram said.

Trintech plans to continue using the Innovation Portal to listen to its customers, and expects that Cadency 5.0 and other solution updates, will feature several ideas and functionalities suggested from this collaborative tool.

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Written by: Sam King