Trintecher Spotlight – Meet Tonya Cobb!

Tonya has been a professional services consultant for almost five years. Previously, she worked as the T-Recs® administrator for one of Trintech’s T-Recs clients. Since becoming an official Trintecher, Tonya has also worked with the Cadency products (Compliance is her favorite). Tonya lives on a 30-acre farm in Southern Indiana with her husband, Chris, 5 dogs, 1 cat, 4 horses and 6 chickens.

Shannon: Congratulations on your selection for the Spotlight this month! So, I hear that when you’re not working, you get to enjoy living on 30 acres? I think it’s fair to say you are an outdoorsy person.

Tonya: Thank you! And yes, I really enjoy the outdoors. My favorite activity is riding horses. We even take them with us on vacation. We travel in a trailer that has living quarters in the front and the horses in the back and we visit campgrounds that have horse facilities. During the day, we go out on trails, maybe tie up at a river and spend all day enjoying the outdoors.

Shannon: I’ve never heard of campgrounds for horses! Were you always an outdoors person? What was your first job?

Tonya: I always knew I wanted to work in Accounting. When I was 13, I worked with my mom in her office helping her with Accounts Payable.

Shannon: 13! That is quite a work ethic. You’re on a big assignment right now, what’s going on?

Tonya: Currently, I’m working with a global customer and it is a big assignment. I’m part of a larger team that is implementing Cadency, but I’m focused on our Compliance process.

Shannon: A global customer? Those are always interesting jobs. Does that also involve interesting travel?

Tonya: Yes, the global jobs are different in the initial scale of the work. We have to understand their business operations and implement the solution so it will work for them company-wide. We can’t just focus on what will work for one location. We rely on best practices to keep us on track and share what other companies of their size are doing. It’s a big commitment for the client, too. But the payoff is bigger for them. The larger scale of the project provides more benefits for automation, visibility and standardization. And, yes, this job does involve travel. I live in the country and I love it there, but this job gives me the opportunity to visit interesting places all around the world and I really enjoy those experiences.

Shannon: What do you like most about your role in Professional Services at Trintech?

Tonya: I’m consistently presented with different opportunities to strengthen my product knowledge.  While I have a lot of domain expertise with T-Recs, I’m now working with several Cadency processes too. With each customer I work with, I gain insight into how their industry works and how their business operates.  Over time, these experiences with our customers help me do my job better. I like customers that think a bit out of the box; it challenges me, but it also makes me better for my next customer. No two customers are the same, their processes are all different.  And make no mistake about it — this  job is never dull!

Shannon: You’ve been on both sides of the fence. You worked for a large conglomerate in their accounting office before and after financial transformation. What do you see as the benefits of moving to a RI RPA (Risk Intelligent RPA™) model?

Tonya: Embracing technology that is on the forefront of the changes in the industry is a game changer for any organization looking to be a best-in-class operation. We’re talking about a new level of finance automation by incorporating risk intelligence into the mix.  I think we continue to see a resistance to change — any change. But what I find interesting is that, even for my customers who were very resistant to change, it’s a reprieve when they see Cadency or T-Recs working for them. They can finally properly address their risk and compliance challenges and ultimately use their own resources more efficiently. The fact is, there will always be the need for human intervention and follow up. With RI RPA, you can focus your time on solving real problems so they cease to be an issue.