Trintecher Spotlight April – Reddy Jangaon

Reddy Jangaon is an integral part of the EMEA Support team based in London. While he spends most of his day working with ReconNET clients, he has also become an expert in several other Trintech solutions, such as Cadency Certification. Reddy has been with Trintech for just over two years, but in that short time, he has made a positive impact on the lives of customers and co-workers alike.

Spencer: So tell me a little bit about your background Reddy. Where were you born and how did you get to London?

Reddy: I was born and raised in India. I moved to England in 2007 to attend Middlesex University, where I studied Computer Science. After graduating with my degree in 2012, I worked as a network analyst in the telecommunications sector as well as an application analyst before I joined Trintech in 2016.

Spencer: You come from more of a technical background. How does that help you in your day to day work on the Support team?

Reddy: Well, learning how to understand and troubleshoot systems was one of the most important skills I learned from school and previous jobs. As a network analyst, I was responsible for not only identifying issues, but also analyzing and routing them to the proper channels for resolution. Those skills have definitely prepared me for my role here at Trintech where I work with customers to quickly address any issues they may be having with our solutions.

Spencer: What was the main reason for you coming to work here at Trintech?

Reddy: I had been wanting to work my way into the financial services industry because it offered a lot of different opportunities and career paths. Plus, I knew I could still utilize and further the technical skills I had developed earlier on in my career. Trintech offered me the perfect place to do that.

Spencer: What are some of the things you enjoy most about working at Trintech?

Reddy: I’d have to say the people I work with on a daily basis here at the London office are some of the best co-workers I’ve had a chance to work with. It’s a tight-knit group. We all work hard, but also make the time to joke around and have some fun as well. Many of the folks here started out in the support department and are always willing to help me out. This was especially nice when I was first getting started because I had so many questions, but there was always someone here who was willing to help me out.

Spencer: That’s fantastic! It sounds like the Dallas and London offices share a lot of the same characteristics. I’ve heard you are starting to take on a few more responsibilities as well. Can you tell us a bit more about those?

Reddy: Sure thing. While I still primarily work with our ReconNET application, I’ve also started to wear a few more hats here at the office. I’ve recently started working more with our Cadency Certification solution. It’s given me a chance to pick up something new, which I really enjoy. Being able to learn a little each day is a big thing for me. I’ve also gotten a chance to assist our Professional Services department on a few projects. It’s given me a broader perspective on how our customers use our products and has helped me learn more about the numerous different ways they can be configured to meet an organization’s needs.

Spencer: You mentioned that a lot of your co-workers started off in the Support department. Why do you think that is?

Reddy: I think support is a great place for anyone to start because you learn the solutions and the needs of those who use them inside and out. It provides you with a solid foundation of product knowledge, and you get a better picture of how clients are using our products.

Spencer: Very cool! So, enough about work, what are some of your favorite things to do outside of the office.

Reddy: I enjoy playing cricket on the weekends!  I recently joined a recreational league where I live. I’ve played cricket since I was young, so it’s been great to get out and play. I’m primarily a fast-bowler and a pretty decent batsman as well. Besides cricket, I typically will just go out with my mates on the weekends. Sometimes though, I just like to fire up the Xbox and enjoy a quiet night in with some video games.