Trintecher Spotlight July – Kristi McFarland

Kristi was born in California, raised in South Dakota and moved to Texas a few years after college for the warmer weather. Coincidentally, she previously worked for a different company in the same building as our Addison headquarters, before moving up a few floors and becoming a Trintecher! After several years as successful business development representative, she has recently accepted a new position as an account manager assigned to the West Coast on Trintech’s Account Development team.

Shannon: Hey Kristi! Congratulations on your new position and for being selected for this month’s Trintecher Spotlight!

Kristi: Thank you! On both counts.

Shannon: Can you tell us what an account development representative does?

Kristi: Sure! I am assigned to specific customers, and it’s my job to reach out to them, find out how they are currently using our solutions, and see if they have any upcoming initiatives planned. Sometimes they need guidance for a new test environment, want to upgrade or have questions about solution capabilities. More importantly though, it’s about making them aware they have a committed partner at Trintech that will support them when undertaking new projects in their office of finance.

Shannon: That sounds like a great position for you. I know you are friendly, and I’ve also heard you are persistent.

Kristi: Well, yes. In my previous position, I was persistent in finding companies who needed Trintech’s help. Now, I’m persistent in educating my customers on how they can get the most out of our solutions. They are similar in ways, but the dynamics and needs are different.

Shannon: Yes, and it must be nice to get to work with people over a longer period of time. What do you like most about working at Trintech?

Kristi: I love the people! After all, you are at work a lot of time. It’s nice to have real friends in the office, and I’ve always had great managers. I also like getting to know our customers. We are expanding our team so we can spend more time focused on them, and it’s really rewarding to connect. I feel like I can make a difference in helping my customers. And they are so happy to hear from me!

Shannon: I bet. So, what if one of our customers isn’t aware of who their Account Development Representative is? How would they find out?

Kristi: If they don’t have a name, they can call our office¹, or they can locate a list of our global contact numbers on under Contact Us.

Shannon: I always love asking this next question. What was your first job?

Kristi: I was a night auditor for a Casino & Hotel in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I worked during the night and balanced the hotel check-ins and check-outs to the hotel stays. I figured out quickly that hotel management wasn’t for me.

Shannon: I would have never guessed! Although, even then, you were involved in reconciliations! Alright, so what do you do for fun when you aren’t in the office?

Kristi: Well, I’ve been a group fitness instructor for over twenty years. I’ve been teaching spin classes for about ten years now.

Shannon: I love spin class! It’s exhausting! How many classes do you teach?

Kristi: I teach class four days a week. I have a consistent group of regulars that have been with me for several years, and sometimes we get together after class for fun. We all go out to eat, take in some live music or just hang out by my pool relaxing and recharging.

Shannon: Okay, that does sound like fun! In your time at Trintech, what changes have you noticed?

Kristi: People are doing more research on the products we sell before they reach out to us. They are going to events and trade shows. They know what is out there in general, but they don’t necessarily know everything that Trintech can help them with. They know robotic processes exist, but maybe not how the specific solutions can support them or how to implement the new processes.

Shannon: Sounds like you still have a lot of work to do advising your customers through their financial transformations. Thanks for spending time with us today and good luck in your new position!

Kristi: It’s an exciting time to be involved in financial transformation, that’s for sure. I enjoyed talking with you, Shannon, thank you!


¹ Americas: +1 972 701 9802

  EMEA: +44 207 628 5235

  APAC: +61 2 8317 1636