Trintecher Spotlight February – Devin La Fleur

Meet Devin La Fleur

Devin La Fleur is a site reliability engineer with Trintech’s Cloud team. He lives in Plano, Texas and works in the Dallas headquarters. He was born and raised in north Dallas and went to school at the University of Texas at Dallas. Devin enjoys traveling to different large cities around the U.S., as he plays cards competitively.

Sarah: Hi Devin, nice to meet you. Thanks for sitting down with us for this month’s Trintecher Spotlight!

Devin: Nice to meet you too. Thank you for having me.

Sarah: So, to begin, can you tell me a little about your history with Trintech?

Devin: I started in 2015 as an intern, the first on our team. Very soon after I completed my initial training, I jumped right to work. I helped the IT team with laptop encryption, deploying laptops and anything else they needed. After my internship, I came to work full-time for the Cloud team, and after I’d done some additional training for a few months, I was assigned to cover the APAC (Asia Pacific) shift. I worked nights for a year and a half and learned a lot rather quickly having that responsibility.

Sarah: And what exactly does a site reliability engineer do?

Devin: Basically, I make sure Trintech’s servers, and the computers that our solutions are located on are up and running, that there are no performance issues and that our solutions are working as intended. If needed, I make adjustments that our customers can’t make – like refreshing the test environment with updated production data, setting up single sign-on or restarting services. I also work on customizations required by clients, as well as password resets when folks get locked out.

Sarah: What happens when there is an issue?

Devin: Well, my first priority is to make sure our customers can use our solutions. Simply put – I help them fix their issue as quickly as possible. First, we must figure out the exact source of the issue; is it related to the network, the connection, the environment or the computer? Since there are a lot of variables, each situation is unique. Everyone on the Cloud team must know and support all of our solutions. We each may have a specialty, but everyone on this team is well versed in everything Trintech has to offer.

Sarah: What do you like most about your job?

Devin: There’s actually a lot I like about my job. Every day is different, so I get to enjoy all the varied experiences. And since cloud technology is still relatively new, expanding and changing, it’s an exciting place to be right now.

Sarah: What changes in cloud technology have you seen?

Devin: So many more companies are using cloud technology now. And as more companies move to the cloud, they know that it’s safe and reliable. Currently, there is a big push regarding security. We’ve responded with more refined processes, so we can show evidence of the level of security we can provide for them.

Sarah: Tell me a little about what you do outside of Trintech.

Devin: I’m a huge nerd. I compete in card tournaments. Sometimes poker, but more often it’s a game called Magic: The Gathering.

Sarah: Tournaments? Wow. I’ve never even heard of that game.

Devin: Yes, the tournaments are huge, and there’s one here in Dallas almost every weekend. I’ve also competed in Atlanta, Columbus and Las Vegas. I have trips to Cincinnati and Niagara coming up. Magic: The Gathering is made by the same people that created Dungeons and Dragons. In the tournaments you play a one-hour game of strategy against a single opponent. It has to do with the deck of cards you’ve built and how you play them, and there are anywhere from five to fifteen rounds. It’s a point system, and that’s how you progress in a tournament.

Sarah: How interesting. Do you play for cash? I mean, can you do this professionally?

Devin: Sometimes you get prizes like new cards, and sometimes you do win cash. If I do well at this next one, I get a free trip to London. Some professionals do this for a living. That’s my dream.

Sarah: So, that’s your dream job. What was your first job?

Devin: I was a computer lab assistant for the school of business when I was in college. I helped students with whatever they needed. I was surprised by how many came in to print their textbooks! Towards the end though, I started working on remote computer deployments and updates for all the labs. I also helped set up server racks and the hardware for a new lab.

Sarah: It sounds like that was great practice for your job here. Just one last question – if you could give your younger self some advice, what would it be?

Devin: It sounds so cliché, but I would probably tell myself while I was in high school to keep your mind open to learning new technologies and looking for new opportunities. When I was in high school, I did networking stuff, and I hated it. I didn’t see the value. I thought every problem I had on my computer was because of the internet. Now I know that isn’t the case and I wish I had recognized that earlier.

Sarah: I think we can all relate to that advice. Thanks for taking the time to talk with us today.

Devin: No problem! I enjoyed talking with you. Thanks, Sarah!