Trintecher Spotlight – Kevin McNair, Trintech’s First Virtual Summer 2020 Trintern

The beginning of June marked the start of Trintech’s first ever virtual internship program! Due to the current pandemic, Trintech decided that a virtual “Trintern” program would be the safest alternative to Trintech’s in-office summer internship program. Kevin McNair is this summer’s Trintern.

Kevin McNair is Trintech’s first-ever virtual intern, collaborating with the engineering department. He attends Southern Methodist University (SMU) and is working on his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. In his free time, Kevin likes to workout, spend time with friends and play basketball.

Kristen: Congratulations on being selected for Trintech’s 2020 virtual summer internship program!

Kevin: Thank you, I’m happy to be a part of the Trintech family for the summer!

Kristen: Ok, so let’s start with some basic questions to learn more about you. Where are you from and what school do you go to?

Kevin: I am from Plano, TX and currently am a student at Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, TX.

Kristen: Awesome – I’m also from Plano! What is your major at SMU?

Kevin: I am earning my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

Kristen: Very cool! Outside of school, what do you like to do in your free time?

Kevin: I like to play video games, work-out – specifically weight lift, hang out with my friends, play basketball, and I love watching movies!

Kristen: I bet you’ve gone through quite a bit of movies during quarantine – I know I have. Regarding your internship, which department are you reporting to?

Kevin: I am working within the engineering department and reporting to Cheryl Lorica.

Kristen: How did you hear about Trintech?

Kevin: I found out about Trintech through a career fair at SMU. Trintech had a stand and I had a conversation with the recruiter there. After he described Trintech and provided background on the company, it was a pretty easy decision for me to apply for an internship after realizing how well the company and position aligned with my interests.

Kristen: That’s great to hear! What do you plan to accomplish with your internship this summer?

Kevin: My goal is to gain experience with working in an actual production environment. Seeing how processes are used outside of the classroom has been a very beneficial experience thus far and it’s rewarding to know that everything I have been studying is applied in the real-world within the office. For example, I was shocked to see that Trintech has positions dedicated strictly to Scrum Master responsibilities. I didn’t realize how critical this piece was that an individual’s entire role is designed to handle this.

I also want to accomplish successful networking by meeting people on a professional level and making valuable connections that could be beneficial later in my career.

Kristen: That’s great! Thanks for sharing. Have you had any past internship experiences? If so, how have these differed from your virtual internship experience so far?

Kevin: I have experience working at Pioneer National Resources in their IT department. My job responsibilities there did not technically fall under the internship umbrella though. I was helping more with busy work and inventory, whereas with my internship at Trintech, I’m working on the development side.

Other than what I just mentioned, the other difference is obviously not meeting anyone in person during a virtual internship. I wish I was able to meet my team in person, as well as see all the departments working within their teams at the office. I love to see the connection of each department ultimately working together to reach a similar goal and objective.

Kristen: That makes sense. So, while we’re talking about a virtual internship, is there anything that you thought might be difficult, but is easy when it comes to working virtually? Or vice versa – anything that you thought would be easier, but it is more difficult in reality?

Kevin: I thought that I would have a harder time contacting people whenever I need help and have questions since I can’t just walk over to someone’s desk, but so far I have had great support from my entire team and receive a response within 2-3 minutes.

Kristen: I love to hear that! Trintech has done a great job of quickly pivoting to a virtual environment. What do you like the most about working at Trintech?

Kevin: Like you said, I was very impressed by how connected everyone has stayed while working from home and the quick transition Trintech was able to make to a work from home environment. I’ve noticed that no one’s work levels on my team have slowed down as we continue to have our weekly meetings via webcam. Everyone I have interacted with at the company thus far have been extremely friendly and welcoming!

Kristen: The last question I have for you to end our interview is what advice do you have for future Trinterns?

Kevin: My advice would to be read everything from your team, whether that be through email or an instant messaging platform, and to listen intently to the discussions happening during meetings. This will ensure that you are not overlooking important information and allows you to gain the most value out of your internship by digesting every detail and bit of information shared with you.

And of course, don’t be afraid to ask questions! That is how you will get the most impact from your internship.

Kristen: Great advice! Thank you again Kevin for meeting with me today to discuss your virtual internship experience so far. I hope you have a great rest of your summer. Welcome to the Trintech family!

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