Trintecher Spotlight March – Lynn Schmidt

Lynn Schmidt will tell you that while he was born in Kansas, he got to Texas just as quick as he could! A 40-year TX resident, married for 23, and a Trintech team member for the last 10 years, he has worked closely with several of our customers. In his role with the Customer Success team, he continues to help financial professionals meet their desired objectives through the use of Trintech’s innovative solutions.

Luis: Congratulations on the Trintecher Spotlight! Ten years is a good stretch. How did you find Trintech?

Lynn: I was a customer. Twice!! First at Rent-A-Center® as their IT support manager, although I didn’t use ReconNET in that role, we just deployed it, and then at 7-Eleven® as a manager of Cash Accounting and special projects.

Luis: Did you use ReconNET™ at 7-Eleven?

Lynn: I did, heavily. ReconNET was already selected for implementation at 7-Eleven to replace several home-grown solutions across all of Revenue Accounting. I wasn’t an expert, but I quickly learned some of the advanced features on my own and began to assist with the automation project.

Luis: How did you go about the automation project?

Lynn: I just took pieces of what had been deployed by Trintech Professional Services and reverse-engineered it – one rec type quickly turned into many others. When I left 7-Eleven, we had eight reconciliation processes covering 30+ rec types, processing 5-8 million transactions per day, with the ReconNET batch server running jobs at all times, depending upon file availability, just to keep up with the business needs 7-Eleven had at that time.

Luis: Wow, that’s an incredible amount of transactions! How has your experience as a two-time Trintech customer helped you in the roles you’ve held as a Trintecher?

Lynn: I started in Professional Services with ReconNET and AssureNET®, known as Cadency® Certification today. My background as a user made it a bit easier for me to understand requirements from new customers, and it’s always best to have a customer-driven approach throughout the implementation process.

Luis: Definitely. I feel like all of the roles you’ve had at Trintech, from Professional Services Manager to Director, Customer Success, each gives such a unique perspective. So, let me ask you, ‘What’s been happening in Customer Success lately? Have you seen a big shift in what companies are doing or any notable trends?

Lynn: Accountants are moving beyond just performing reconciliations to focusing more on understanding how their process integrates with the strategic direction of the company. One example is a local customer whose project sponsor stopped the project during the design phase to first improve their underlying process. Combined with the automation and efficiency of ReconNET, their ROI improved dramatically over initial estimates.

Luis: Good stuff. OK – so outside of work. What keeps you busy?

Lynn: Besides 13 years of soccer games for two kiddos, one of which will be off to college soon. Well, aside from that and traveling for work, I really enjoy fishing. I’d love to sit next to the lake and work if the WIFI would hold up.

Luis: Ah, I’d think we’d all do that if we could. Any good stories?

Lynn: Well, yes! I was fishing in the Atlantic and ended up with a 200lb shark on the line. I quickly decided to release him, but it was an amazing experience to see such an incredible creature up close. Fishing is a common pastime in Texas, but I also love having the chance to do it when I travel.

Luis: Sensible judgment! Thanks for taking time to talk with us. Can you leave us with what has made you successful at your job?

Lynn: I’m old school. I’m here to work for the company, not myself. That really translates to working for the customer, and that’s easy for me because I started out in their shoes.



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