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Trintecher Spotlight – Melissa Taylor

Meet Melissa Taylor

Melissa is the Sr. Product Owner for our Large Enterprise Product Management team and has been with Trintech for 23 years. Melissa currently resides in Durango, CO with her husband and enjoys mountain biking, cooking, and spending time with her faith group. She and her husband Dennis are proud parents of five children and grandparents to four.

Mike: Congratulations on being selected for the Trintecher Spotlight for March!

Melissa: Thank you, I’m very excited.

Mike: Let’s start with a few easy questions. What is the most memorable trip that you’ve taken?

Melissa: That would have to be Hawaii. While there, we were on a boat traveling out to the snorkeling site and it turned into a whale watching tour. A group of mothers and calves traveled with us all the way out to the site. It was pretty amazing!

Mike: That sounds fantastic. Let’s now travel back a bit. What was your first job?

Melissa: I think I was 14 at the time, and my first job was playing piano at the Lions Club. I got a free meal and $4 for the night.

Mike: That sounds like a pretty nice gig for a 14-year-old. Moving from your first job to your current, what would you say is the best part of working at Trintech?

Melissa: The people, absolutely. We have our Engineering and Product Management teams that work closely together, and I’m constantly impressed with the skills and teamwork that are on display on a daily basis. Outside of my day-to-day, working with other teams on the major product rollouts last year was an incredible experience.

Mike: One of those major rollouts was the modernized Match and T-Recs platform. You’ve been involved with T-Recs since the beginning. How have you seen the product change from then to now?

Melissa: The product started geared more for retail customers. It has since expanded based on market needs, whether that be reconciling the full balance sheet, period end close, compliance, or assessing risk.

Mike: Having been so integral in the product’s progression, is there anything that you’re especially proud of?

Melissa: I remember being intricately involved in the ACH process and requirements, so we could allow our retail customers to have the ability to consolidate their cash into a concentration account. Later, when becoming the director of Professional Services, standardization was created for our implementation process, and a project management system was implemented.

Mike: Oh wow, that’s great! Now that we’ve looked back at the early stages of the product, let’s now look forward. What does the future hold for our T-Recs customers?

Melissa: We’ve been focused over the last couple of years on Flash deprecation and new modern user interface. Now that we’ve moved past the hard deadline of the deprecation, we can focus on providing our T-Recs customers with the enhancements they’ve been asking for.

For example:

  • RCP/Admin Replacement
  • Dashboard
  • More Automation
  • Additional Usability Enhancements prioritized from the Innovation Portal
  • AI Risk Rating

In addition, moving T-Recs to a modernized platform has allowed us to implement functionality across the T-Recs and Cadency platforms. An example of this is Auto Certification. This functionality was something that we were able to bring over from T-Recs and, at the same time, incorporate additional enhancements into the Cadency Certification process. We’re seeing that our Cadency and T-Recs customers are wanting the same things, so we’re now in a position, with the modernized platform, to provide the functionality to both our T-Recs and Cadency customers.

Mike: It’s exciting to see the enhanced functionality that is available with each release. As we finish up, what advice would you give your younger self?

Melissa: Don’t take your work home with you. It’s important to have that separation, that home-life balance, so you need to be able to walk away when the workday is over.

Mike: Excellent advice. Melissa, thank you so much for speaking with me today.

Melissa: It was a pleasure.