4 Finance Best Practices for Oil & Gas Industry Finance & Accounting Teams

A Guide for the Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Oil and Gas Sectors

Over the past decade, the oil and gas industry has seen growth in both complexity and price volatility. Issues such as advances in non-fossil fuel sources, government regulations and geopolitics, over or under-supplied markets, and a drop in primary energy consumption have forced organizations within this industry to make themselves as lean as possible.

The oil and gas industry as a whole is changing and companies need to change with it. Holding on to old processes and methods will only hinder the progress of a company. The Office of Finance within oil and gas must implement month-end close best practices.

Download this guide to explore four finance best practices for oil and gas to cope with the volatility found in all three sectors of this industry:

  1. Expand Your Cost-Saving Strategy to Your Office of Finance
  2. Look to Each Other for Inspiration
  3. Plan for the Bad Days
  4. Diversify Your Holdings