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Explore the Impacts of COVID-19 with The Hackett Group

Enable Your Remote Office of Finance

Throughout the year, organizations have struggled to adjust to the changes that COVID-19 brought to the world. Between the uncertain business landscape and approaching the close cycle with a dispersed, remote workforce, COVID-19 forced accountants into unknown territory, more so than anything in recent memory.

Additionally, the office of finance has been relied upon to provide insight into how the overall organization can best navigate the changing landscape. The finance functions that are coming out better than when the pandemic began are the ones with the willingness to automate their office of finance and adapt to the unprecedented times they find themselves in.

As time goes on, accountants will continue to be relied upon to provide faster insight that can help navigate an evolving climate. In order to efficiently and effectively provide this insight, the office of finance must transform how they conduct the Record to Report Process.

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