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Transformative Control for the Manufacturing Industry’s Office of Finance

Revolutionize your Record to Report process with the only System of Controls that combines all financial close activities into a single seamless platform.

Effectively Manage the Entire Record to Report Process While Providing Valuable Insight to the Business.

The manufacturing industry has always been future-oriented when it comes to new technologies. However, the Office of Finance is often not perceived as a department that requires consistent technological advancement. Budgeting preferences are often given to other units of the organization, but adopting advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) into the Office of Finance can help manufacturing organizations overcome some of their biggest challenges.

Now is the time for the office of finance in manufacturing organizations to implement an automated solution to properly conduct the Record to Report process to be more effective and efficient. This will enable them to provide their executive teams with the insights they need to make critical business decisions. Despite the priorities of competing business units, accounting teams can now show a definite need and a sense of urgency in establishing a process that produces both reliable and accurate financial statements while saving time and reducing risk.

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How to Improve Manufacturing’s Financial Close Processes with Cadency by Trintech®

Financial Close Best Practices for Manufacturing Organizations The manufacturing industry has always been future-oriented when it comes to new technologies. However, the Office of Finance...

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Cadency Close Management

The financial close process requires a wide variety of tasks too burdensome for a manual operation to effectively manage. 

By using Cadency Close’s powerful capabilities, you can approach each period end with greater confidence and much more visibility into any potential bottlenecks. After all, achieving a faster, more compliant close is vital to increasing the office of finance’s strategic value as well as the reliability of your financial statements.

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Simplified Documentation Management with Cadency Close

With a dashboard-driven management framework, Cadency Close allows the finance team to maintain a constant communication flow, greatly reducing missed deadlines and ensuring the accuracy and completeness of financial statements.

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