Journal Entry

Reduce risk and drive efficiency by automating your journal entry process

Journal Entry Challenges

When you’re looking to create audit-ready documentation of your Record to Report (R2R) process, Journal Entries (JEs) are often the missing piece of that very important puzzle. Journal entry is a key control in the financial close that validates the accuracy of standard and non-standard entries to systems like your ERP, centralizing all comments, workflows and support in one place.


  • Automate the scheduled posting of journal entries, such as recurring journals, to greatly reduce the effort and opportunity for error
  • Create two-way communication between Cadency and any third-party system, strengthening governance and removing ambiguity that lengthens the close process
  • Configure workflows to allow for the delivery of real-time transparency into the status of journal entries

How It Works: Automated Accounting Journal Entries

By supporting a fully configurable end-to-end workflow, Cadency Journal Entry bypasses common issues found in manual approaches to deliver real-time visibility, control and validation of the status of all journal entries. As a result, the JE process gains both a stronger governance in the R2R process and the centralization of information required for audit-ready documentation.

Key Benefits

Less PreparationLess Preparation

Reduce your preparation time on reconciliations

Ease of Audit Ease of Audit

Reduce the time needed to support external auditors

Diminished Review Time Diminished Review Time

Reduce the time needed to prepare and review JEs

Key ControlsKey Controls

Improve governance throughout the JE process

Automatic Routing Automatic Routing

Automatically forward journals to the correct approvers

Trintech’s Artificial Intelligence Risk Rating for JE will help HP continue to improve its quality of our JEs, which in turn improves our Balance Sheet and Income Statement. Also, this feature will prevent errors from happening and allow for additional explanation on why the JE was entered to be leveraged by internal and external auditors. We are excited that this functionality will continue to improve the efficiency in our Record to Report process.

Transformative System of Controls

Cadency is the only System of Controls that weaves all R2R activities into a single seamless process. By incorporating Cadency Journal Entry’s workflow capabilities into your office of finance, both your ERP and the overall Cadency system are provided with accurate, up-to-date information that supports a compliant R2R process.

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