High-Volume Transaction Matching

Reduce the time and risk associated with the transaction matching process

Transaction Matching Challenges

Reconciling transactions is one of the most time-consuming and manual parts of the financial close. With Cadency Reconciliation Match (Match), your Office of Finance can quickly perform high-volume transaction matching and rapidly enhance the accuracy and regulatory compliance of all resulting financial statements.


  • Automatically reconcile large volumes of transactions
  • Eliminate losses due to errors or unnecessary chargebacks that would be due to a lack of visibility
  • Enhance visibility into cash over and short accounts by immediately identifying cash shortages by entity

How It Works

Once data from ERPs and other sources is added, the solution works to standardize and enrich even messy data as it loads; this process immediately results in strong auto-matching rates. Then, exceptions are automatically created for unmatched items, and quickly taken through a well-defined, configurable and risk-intelligent process for resolution.

Key Benefits of Transaction Matching Software

Full VisibilityFull Visibility

Achieve end-to-end visibility of the reconciliation process

Ease of AuditEase of Audit

Reduce the effort needed for external audit support

Risk MitigationRisk Mitigation

Improve the quality of your data and internal controls

Reduce Write-OffsReduce Write-Offs

Identify and resolve discrepancies that lead to write-offs

Clear InsightClear Insight

Create detailed reporting, data analysis and variance analysis

With Cadency, the time spent matching accounts has reduced significantly and we have greater confidence in the numbers we are reporting.

Transformative System of Financial Controls

Cadency is the only  System of Financial Controls that weaves all R2R activities into a single seamless process. By incorporating the high-volume matching capabilities of Match into your office of finance, this error-prone process becomes part of a comprehensive approach to your R2R — rapidly enhancing the accuracy and compliance of all resulting financial statements.

Does Your Enterprise Use the ServiceNow® Platform?

Discover CadencyDirect® – the only native Built on Now® application for the ServiceNow Platform that is designed specifically for the unique needs of the Office of Finance. Powered by Trintech’s industry-leading solution Cadency, ServiceNow customers can leverage the benefits of the System of Accounting IntelligenceTM while enabling Now Platform users across the business with native workflows and triggers.

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