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Cadency Smart Bots

Efficiently conducting the Record to Report (R2R) process requires tasks to be completed quickly and seamlessly, and with confidence. Cadency Smart Bots work directly within the Cadency ecosystem and interface with other systems and shared file repositories within the Office of Finance to further automate the global R2R process. They…

Cadency Close Task API

As your organization's close continues to get more and more complex, it's a great opportunity to seek out avenues for automation. By using Cadency's Close Task API and automation such as Tritnech's ERP Bots, organizations can cut down on hours of manual labor, while simultaneously reducing the risk inherent to…

Webinar: The Evolving Role of the CFO – A Look at the Past, Present and Future

Webinar On-Demand WebinarsApril 15, 2021
Event Details In half a century, the CFO has transformed from a tactical, “number crunching”, budget-developing role into a strategic financier and partner. Today, the voice of the CFO is as important as the CEO, as both internal and external audiences look to this C-Suite executive as a voice of…

Introduction to Cadency Smart Bots

With the introduction of Cadency Smart Bots within the System of Automation layer, our customers can now benefit from purpose-built Bot capabilities that allows not only automation of repetitive manual tasks but also complete Record to Report (R2R) use cases while using Cadency as their System of Controls. This video showcases two of…