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Key Financial Controls: Increasing the Effectiveness of the Record to Report Cycle

Explore a complimentary guide highlighting what is likely the most critical part of any company’s close cycle — how your key financial controls are managed within the overall compliance framework. Every company, whether privately-held or publicly traded, has some form of a controls and compliance framework — although that framework and…

5 Opportunities CFOs Can Capitalize On with a Digital Finance Strategy

Tip Sheet
As many organizations have experienced, the priorities of the CFO can make or break the success of an organization. A great CFO looks at the organization’s challenges and figures out how to turn those challenges into opportunities — though it isn’t always easy. As we have recently seen, the global…

How to Ace Financial Close Through Automation

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Understanding the current state of Record to Report performance and what the future looks like Organizations across the globe are prioritizing the shift to smarter ways of working across critical business services. Many of these improvements can be focused on finance processes, given their significance in supporting enterprise operations. An…

10 Lessons to Define and Refine Your Finance Automation Strategy

Keynote Panel Discussion Title: 10 Lessons to Define and Refine Your Finance Automation Strategy SAPinsider recent research shows that automation is a priority of technology and business investment. Automation is attracting growing amounts of corporate investment, and as technology continues to develop, the potential value is likely to increase. Almost…