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10 Tips for Improving Your Virtual Close

The COVID-19 outbreak brought many changes to the office of finance, particularly the shift to a virtual close. Because of this, the challenges and expectations placed upon the office of finance have changed radically. To ensure organizations not only survive current setbacks but emerge stronger on the other side, finance…

Cadency – Automating the Financial Close in SAP with ERP Bots

With the ERP as the system of record, there are certain tasks that have to be performed in the ERP each month-end. These tasks are typically repetitive and done manually over many hours, such as running a depreciation schedule for hundreds of entities. With Trintech’s ERP Bots, we are providing…

The Evolving Role of the CFO – A Look at the Past, Present and Future

The office of the CFO has become increasingly essential to the future of any organization. Over the last few decades, organizations have transitioned from needing the CFO to be a tactical record keeper and report generator to a strategic planner and partner. With this evolution comes a fresh set of…

Certified NetSuite Connector for Cadency

While your ERP plays a significant role in the management and automation of daily operations, it is simply not designed to handle the complexity of an organization's financial process. All too often, to compensate for the gap in the ERP’s capabilities, a large amount of data and tasks are taken…

Cadency 3rd Party RPA Connectors

As the Office of Finance continues to become a strategic advisor to the larger organization, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has grown as a significant tool needed to maximize efficiency gains. Download this info sheet to learn more about Trintech's pre-built agnostic 3rd-Party RPA connectors that will connect Cadency® by Trintech…

Cadency’s ERP Bots Capabilities

Accessing and utilizing the data from your ERP during the Record to Report (R2R) process should be timely and error-free. However, when effective workflows are not in place, completing the month-end close is time-consuming, and full of potential risk due to the lack of process visibility and manual data entry…