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Seminario Virtual: Transformando las conciliaciones gracias a la automatización: La Historia de Banco Popular

Webinar On-Demand WebinarsOctober 27, 2020
Descubre cómo transformar las conciliaciones mediante la automatización Para satisfacer las necesidades de las empresas modernas, las organizaciones se están dando cuenta de que deben transformar los procesos heredados, a menudo con la ayuda de la tecnología. Banco Popular es el mejor ejemplo de una organización que buscaba proactivamente impulsar…

Webinar: Leveraging Advanced Technology to Succeed in a Complex Financial Close

Webinar On-Demand WebinarsOctober 16, 2020
Finance plays a critical role in the success of an organization, but it is often overlooked and underserved in modernization and digitization efforts. Traditional (and risk-prone) manual processes and complex enterprise resource planning (ERP) environments hamper their ability to produce necessary financial statements, track key metrics to get a true…

Webinar: Utilizing Technology to Improve Controls and Mitigate Audit Risk

Webinar On-Demand WebinarsOctober 22, 2020
As organizations close out another quarter during the pandemic of 2020, it’s crucial that they continue to evaluate and refine their virtual close process, especially when the time comes for a virtual audit. Due to the use of manual processes, many organizations are struggling to have the necessary controls and…

Webinar: How CWT Increased Balance Sheet Integrity and Controls with Cadency

Webinar On-Demand WebinarsSeptember 23, 2020
With a mission to be the leading provider of travel management solutions, CWT is a world-class example of a company that has implemented a continuous innovation strategy and deployed Trintech’s Cadency® solution to transform their finance & accounting organization. During this webinar you will hear how CWT leveraged Trintech’s Cadency…

3 Challenges Cadency Can Solve For Healthcare Accountants

Tip Sheet
Nurses, doctors, and those in the healthcare industry have and continue to demonstrate their importance to society. However, traditional healthcare accountants that support them tend to perform their financial processes through outdated manual methods, such as binders stuffed with documents and spreadsheets. These approaches can negatively have a direct effect…

Webinar: The Financial Close Automation Investment You Need for a More Sustainable Future

Webinar On-Demand WebinarsAugust 19, 2020
Financial close automation can provide insight into how to navigate the current economic environment, while also providing for sustainable transformation within finance & accounting. As teams consider the virtual experience of financial closing, many are finding out that their technology investments to support the process are lacking and yet are…