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The Business Case for Automated Compliance

White Paper
Delivering ROI - An Automated Compliance White Paper Compliance is a growing concern, and it’s often the number one priority among financial professionals as they look to improve controls and create consistency over the quality of the balance sheet. A leading research firm’s report, consisting of a number of in-depth…

The Business Case for an Automated Financial Close

White Paper
Delivering ROI - A Financial Close White Paper Across the entire Record to Report cycle, companies face the highly labor-intensive and risky task of completing a close cycle in an effective, efficient and ultimately error-free manner. Research consisting of in-depth interviews with Cadency Close users found that Cadency is a…

The Business Case for An Automated Record to Report Solution

White Paper
Delivering ROI - The Business Case for Automated Record to Report Across the entire Record to Report (R2R) process, companies face the highly labor-intensive and risk-laden process of completing a close cycle in a timely and error-free manner. All aspects of the R2R process —including balance sheet reconciliations, journal entries,…

Building a Killer Business Case for Record to Report Transformation

Although Excel has historically been the backbone of many organization’s Office of Finance, it is commonly acknowledged that an over-reliance on spreadsheets, coupled with a lack of visibility associated with their use, represents a very real risk. With automation available to improve both process efficiency and effectiveness, the challenge many…

3 Components of R2R Transformation

How does the Office of Finance get to the point of driving strategic value across the organization? Financial Close Transformation. There are three key components to transforming your finance organization to world-class levels of efficiency and effectiveness—People, Process and Technology. However, these three components can also be the biggest challenges…

Eliminating Financial Close Bottlenecks for a Simplified Process

The financial close process is typically made up of a repeatable series of activities, performed in a specific sequence, by specific people and by specific due dates. It sounds straightforward, but for some organizations, this process becomes chaotic due to late adjustments, confusing email chains of approval and lack of…

Cadency Close Action Plan Router Product Brochure

Cadency Close Action Plan Router takes the stress out of the financial close process Today, as the finance function increasingly leverages technology to transform its ability to be both effective and efficient, finance teams are still spending a significant amount of time managing, often manually, numerous tasks critical to the…

Cadency ERP Connector Product Brochure

Cadency's Connectors for ERP Systems While your ERP plays a significant role in the management and automation of daily operations, it is simply not designed to handle the complexity of the financial close process. Unfortunately, to compensate for the gap in the ERPs capabilities, a large amount of data and…

Cadency Compliance Product Brochure

Cadency Compliance Financial compliance is a complicated, multi-dimensional source of monetary and reputational risk for your organization and costly issues can easily live in every step of your Record to Report process. Though it may be daunting to even think about how to implement solid financial governance throughout the entire…