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How the Insurance Industry Benefits From an Automated Financial Close

White Paper
Within the insurance industry, organizations are handling large amounts of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI). With such high stakes, F&A teams can no longer conduct this process manually with error-prone spreadsheets and disconnected systems. Read this executive brief for more information about automating the financial close…

How to Improve Your Financial Close Process in 2020

Tip Sheet
Learn 5 closing best practices - 5 Best Practices for a More Efficient Close Process As we look into 2020, new goals and plans emerge for finance teams across the globe. And while we look ahead, it’s still important to remember and learn from the challenges we’ve supposedly left behind.…

Variance Analysis Capabilities

The Need for Variance Analysis Variance analysis should be performed regularly to uncover areas of potential fraud, misstatement, or high spending. Unfortunately, when completed manually, the lack of timeliness and irregularity with which this process is often handled does not effectively mitigate financial risk. To learn more about how an…

Healthcare Financial Close Best Practices: 5 Tips For Reducing Risk

Optimize the reconciliation process and effectively manage risk in healthcare accounting. After patient care takes place, the payments for all services rendered need to be handled accurately, and in keeping with the pace of the organization to ensure its financial stability. Unfortunately, this complicated process involves reconciling payments across multiple…

Financial Close Process for Healthcare – Keeping Pace with Modern Practices

In the healthcare industry, the finance department plays a vital role in keeping the organization running smoothly. The financial close process for healthcare has not escaped the heightened expectations for accuracy and speed, nor its challenges of reduced resources and increased regulations. As a result, throughout the entire process, patient…