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How the Office of Finance Can Keep Pace with Modern Healthcare

In the healthcare industry, the finance department plays a vital role in keeping the organization running smoothly. The financial close process has not escaped the healthcare industry’s heightened expectations for accuracy and speed, nor its challenges of reduced resources and increased regulations. As a result, throughout the entire process, patient…

Cadency Overview

By spanning across all R2R activities, Cadency ensures a single version of the truth and can help your company completely transform its financial processes to best in class levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

5 Reasons to Automate Your Financial Close

Identify which technology best suits your business, how to get a project like this approved internally, and what you need to think about when it comes to delivery.

The Business Case for Automation – Close

Accountants everywhere struggle to handle the enormous number of labor-intensive tasks that are required for a successful close. Discover how automation can help you gain unrealized value through the close process – all while strengthening your compliance.

Automating for a More Accurate, Faster and Cheaper Financial Close

It’s easy to say that it won’t happen to us, but failures in the close process result in, at best, time consuming rework and at worst, materiality issues that can lead to misstatements, restatements, decreased valuations and maybe even personal liability. In this infographic, industry peers reveal their top priorities…

How to Improve Your Financial Close Process in 2019

Tip Sheet
Your books may be closed, but how much time and money did you lose from clinging to outdated methods? Be proactive by evaluating your financial close process now to avoid reoccurring issues later.