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Shared Services: Improving Record to Report Performance

Typically, Shared Services Center (SSCs) automation initiatives have been undertaken to reduce costs and improve efficiency. And these goals are achieved relatively easily within the first few years, most immediately through reduced labor costs and centralized activities. In fact, standardization and centralization deliver up to 50% savings. During subsequent phases,…

The Impact of RPA in Finance and Accounting

Over the last couple of years there has been one topic of discussion in the finance community that has been growing louder and louder: Robotic Process Automation. But what is RPA, how does it affect the close process, and how are other companies currently utilizing automation to transform their financial close?

How to Improve R2R Performance Across your SSC

Webinar On-Demand WebinarsMay 12, 2016
Recorded Webinar: How to Improve R2R Performance Across your SSC Is your Record to Report process efficient, leveraging cloud technology effectively and providing visibility across the business? These are just some of the factors that help define a leading R2R process. This webinar will show you how to identify R2R…