Risk-Intelligent Automation

Complete processes efficiently and effectively, aligned with your risk-tolerance framework


A risk management strategy through automation allows for the identification of high-risk items and ensures processes are completed as efficiently and effectively as possible in accordance with their risk frameworks and tolerance levels. Risk automation takes a proactive approach to monitor, activate, and mitigate transactions to ensure visibility and prioritization of high-risk items.

GSK’s ROI with Risk Automation

Utilizing Risk Automation, GSK was able to dynamically schedule reconciliations to reduce the volumes. The example above shows that the volume of reconciliations performed monthly reduced to 41% from 75% while 32% of the reconciliations now only needed to be done on an annual basis, thus saving significant time throughout the year.

For manual journal entries, prior to a risk-based approach, GSK was spending lots of effort on Journals that were of very little impact to the actual balance sheet, but now they are able to focus on items that have a much greater impact to the balance sheet with a combination of risk based automated approvals and dynamic approval routing.

With both risk-based approaches, the dynamic approach ensured compliance to policies while maintaining a robust control framework for these key processes.

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