Targeted APIs

Simplified Integrations for the Office of Finance’s Application Ecosystem


APIs have proven to be immeasurably useful because they facilitate connections between the confidential and secure systems of global companies and their third-party partners. As part of Cadency’s SMART Platform, we’ve developed multiple APIs, such as the GL Balance Import API and Cadency Close Task API which reduce the time and risk associated with manual data transfers.

Many Cadency users benefit from the Bi-directional Cadency Close Task API which links your system(s) of record (ERP or non-ERP — Tax, Treasury, P-Card, etc.) to Cadency’s Close Action Plans. For example, if your intercompany and treasury controls are linked, once the intercompany controls in Cadency are completed, automation triggers a Treasury report to run on your Treasury system. Then, the status can be pulled back into Cadency (using the bi-directional workflow), enabling our automation to close the associated close task/s with proper documentation and audit history, reducing human efforts and making the process smooth.

Improving the financial close process through technology implementation centers around a desire to increase efficiency and reduce risk. The Cadency Close Task API enables data and status to easily flow between needed systems while maintaining set controls. The efficiency and effectiveness established help produce accurate financial statements, and ultimately more peace of mind every step of the way.


  • Links controls across systems for financial statement integrity
  • Automates alerts and actions based on established processes
  • Develops custom connections for integrated process visibility
  • Produces timely updates across activities

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Workiva API

The Workiva connected reporting and compliance platform can seamlessly integrate into Trintech’s Cadency solutions to optimize reporting efficiency, improve collaboration, and provide stronger controls around the reporting process.



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