SMART Workflow

Cadency provides extensive capability to enable teams in diverse locations and departments to collaborate and to enable the appropriate approvals to ensure data accuracy while providing full audit trails. Not only do teams get increased visibility and transparency, they are able to work more efficiently, no matter the location.

SMART Workflow Delivers Optimized Collaboration

If professionals in the Office of Finance have to rely on a mixture of internal emails, phone calls, and chat apps to get information from their finance teams, the monthly activities will never be done fast or even well.

The only way to solve issues quickly and permanently is to have workflows that break down information silos and automate processes across teams and across the entire organization. Cadency’s Smart Workflow with Risk Automation adds an additional level of assurance that the right activity is being performed by the appropriate individual in the organization.

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By spanning across all R2R activities, Cadency ensures a single version of the truth and can help your company completely transform its financial processes to best-in-class levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

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