Cadency’s System of Accounting Intelligence

Cadency’s System of Accounting Intelligence (SOAI) combines advanced automation technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Bots and strategically applies them to support the often complex and complicated R2R process from end to end. These technologies offer unique, powerful solutions to some of the most complex accounting challenges and readily scale as the financial transformation journey evolves and businesses grow.


System of IntegrationSystem of Integration

A System of Integration (SOI) allows for communication between your Systems of Record, such as your ERP, and the System of Controls. It consists of APIs, ERP Connectors, and 3rd-Party RPA Connectors reducing the cost, time and risk of data integration.

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System of ControlsSystem of Controls

A System of Controls (SOC) combines financial close activities into a single process, including operational matching, intercompany management, balance sheet reconciliations, journal entries, close task management, and compliance.

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System of AutomationSystem of Automation

A System of Automation (SOA) leverages advanced automation like Bots and Risk Intelligent RPA™ and is used to automate previously manual tasks in order for accounting teams to focus their time and effort on tasks that are strategic to the business.

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Financial Controls AIFinancial Controls AI

Financial Controls AI (FCAI) is the next revolution in financial close automation. Use machine learning algorithms to examine trends in your data over time, identify abnormalities, and automate workflows based on the associated risk.

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Cadency is the world’s only System of Controls™ (SOC) that combines all Record to Report (R2R) activities, including reconciliation, variance analysis, close management, journal entry, compliance, intercompany, and more, into a single seamless platform.

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By spanning across all R2R activities, Cadency ensures a single version of the truth and can help your company completely transform its financial processes to best in class levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

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