3rd-Party RPA Connectors

Pre-Built Connectors for 3rd Party Automation Tools

What is a Third-party RPA Connector?

Similar to the way an ERP connector creates a bridge for dynamic communication between systems, Cadency’s 3rd-party RPA Connector enables the automation of specific repetitive actions as part of the Record to Report workflow. For those who are using an RPA solution such as UIPath™, BluePrism®, or Automation Anywhere®, it allows the Record to Report process to be holistically managed through Cadency’s comprehensive System of Financial Controls, instead of in just bits and pieces.

Additionally, because the connector is pre-built and maintained by Cadency’s developers, it does not require scripting through the Cadency UI, which results in significantly less cost and time to implement than independently developed integrations. This also creates a more robust integration, rather than rely on fragile UI automation, which can easily break when individual elements are changed.

 “69% of finance departments are experimenting with, implementing or using RPA today.”

The Inevitability of Robotic Process Automation in Finance and Accounting, October 2019

How 3rd-Party RPA Connectors Improve the Financial Close Process

Cadency’s Third-Party RPA Connector reduces manual touch-points and overhead for financial professionals during the financial close. The example shown here is just one of the ways that it can be used to help automate repetitive actions between systems.

Financial Close Capabilities

  • Adding GL balance exports from various systems and adding them directly into Cadency to make them readily available

About Cadency’s System of Financial Intelligence

Cadency’s System of Financial Intelligence (SFI) combines ground-breaking automation technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Bots, and cleverly applies them throughout Cadency’s System of Financial Controls (SFC) to support the often complex and complicated Record to Report process. These technologies offer unique, powerful solutions to some of the most complex R2R challenges and readily scale as the financial transformation journey evolves and businesses grow.

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