RPA-Enabled Financial Close Automation for SAP Cloud

Maintain a tight connection with SAP while shortening the time to close

QuickClose by Trintech tightly integrates with SAP’s master data while providing a well-defined workflow for the financial close process.

Even in the case of multiple SAP ERP and S/4HANA instances, the solution offers an easy way to use your existing entity hierarchy to clearly organize tasks and quickly open and close your books each period end.

How it Improves the Financial Close Process

QuickClose establishes an easy-to-follow task list for the close period while staying tightly integrating with SAP and your crucial ­financial data. The solution enables zero-touch close activities, automatically reflecting closed tasks directly within the SAP instance(s).

When everything is complete, all supporting evidence is readily at hand within the solution instead of hidden in a collection of disconnected, clunky, unreliable spreadsheets that are not clearly tied to the overall process.

Financial Close Capabilities

  • Maintains SAP data integrity with a close connection to all SAP ERP and S/4 HANA instances
  • Provides a fully automated way to open each fi­nancial period that accounts for holidays, weekends, and other dates that may impact your time to close
  • Allows SAP and non-SAP users to access the close task list
  • Prioritizes tasks based on what’s currently open, due dates, dependencies, late statuses, and more
  • Streamlines the workflow of the ­financial close, including task dependencies and deadlines
  • Integrates with multiple instances of SAP, including S4/HANA, SAP Cloud, and ECC environments
  • Enables zero-touch close activities through native integration with SAP and a library of bots for automating complex SAP close processes
  • Streamlines the collection & recording of supporting documentation

Key Benefits

  • Timely Close Management – Clearly identifies and prioritize dependencies and deadlines for key tasks to keep everyone moving toward a quick close
  • RPA-Enabled Automation – Enables preconfigured templates to perform event-driven execution through native SAP integration and RPA bots with the same data security as your backend SAP system
  • Real-Time Visibility – Develops a clear view of the entire close process as it’s occurring to quickly identify and address any bottlenecks
  • Reliable Data – Closely integrates with SAP to support an accurate, efficient financial close process and subsequent resulting financial statements that spreadsheets simply cannot create
  • Task Prioritization – Creates task lists for each individual user from multiple task lists and arranges them by order of priority in the ‘My Task’ view
  • Automatic Task Execution Bots – RPA functionality makes automating closing task on multiple backed systems on-premise or on the cloud is easy

About Cadency’s System of Financial Intelligence

Cadency’s System of Financial Intelligence (SFI) combines ground-breaking automation technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Bots, and cleverly applies them throughout Cadency’s System of Financial Controls (SFC) to support the often complex and complicated Record to Report process. These technologies offer unique, powerful solutions to some of the most complex R2R challenges and readily scale as the financial transformation journey evolves and businesses grow.

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