Trintech & KPMG: Technology-Enabled Record To Report

Trintech and KPMG help clients improve performance by enhancing visibility, standardizing financial reporting processes, and simplifying workflow. The business process and technology process of KPMG combined with Trintech’s Cadency solution helps establish an operational framework to empower companies to cut costs and better manage organizational expectations.



Integrating the Office of Finance

Rise above the status quo and break through the traditional walls that silo the Office of Finance from the rest of the enterprise with KPMG,...

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Health Checking Your Financial Transformation

It's no secret that best-in-class organizations close faster with increased efficiencies, reduced costs and lower audit fees. The challenge is…

COVID-19 and a Virtual Close - How This Will Impact Your Audit and Cybersecurity

Due to COVID-19, many finance & accounting (F&A) teams across the globe are navigating unchartered waters as they approach the next close cycle with a dispersed, remote workforce. How will this new “normal” affect your next audit and the overall security of your financial data?

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By spanning across all R2R activities, Cadency ensures a single version of the truth and can help your company completely transform its financial processes to best-in-class levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

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