Webinar: Achieving an Efficient and Effective Financial Close Process by Integrating Your ERP System with a System of Controls



Do you still have manual processes in your financial close process? Are you still relying on your IT team to build an integration between your financial application ecosystem and your ERP?

As organizations grow, the number of systems they use to store and share business process information also increases, resulting in different teams using different systems for storing and sharing data. The Office of Finance usually bears the brunt of this by trying to perform the financial close using multiple applications and working with different data sources that do not talk to each other. This not only introduces material risk, but also creates a manual process causing rework, inefficiencies and low employee morale.

What is needed for an efficient and effective financial close process is an enterprise System of Controls that enables an automated workflow by integrating directly with one or more ERP system via dedicated, prebuilt connectors.

During this webinar, we will discuss:

  • Challenges organizations face by using multiple applications that don’t integrate with each other to try to close their books at period end
  • Problems organizations often face when trying to integrate their ERP system with other financial close applications
  • How a System of Controls works seamlessly with your System of Record (ERP) to automate your financial close process while ensuring data integrity across the entire process
  • How prebuilt ERP Connectors can help consolidate data from multiple ERPs and automate the entire R2R process