Webinar: Risk Intelligent RPA™ – Using Risk to Refocus Your Time and Effort on Close Activities that Matter Most

Within the finance and accounting process, risk informs everything. It drives how many resources you apply to an event or issue, and in the same way, should be central to how you automate and ensure behavior outcome. This is where Risk Intelligent RPA (RI RPA) comes into play. To put it within the Record to Report context, RI RPA factors in your risk tolerance to determine your high risk accounts so that your team knows where to spend the majority of their time and effort. This is also how “best in class” organizations are able to reduce the overall cost of their R2R process while reducing risk at the same time.

View this webinar where Trintech will discuss:
• What is RI RPA
• How to use RI RPA and attach the nature of risk in a close activity to the action you take (or don’t take)
• How RI RPA can increase the integrity and reliability of your financial statements
• Best practice examples