Trintech Data as a Service (DaaS)

Finance teams constantly undergo the large task of managing the period-end close for their organization, which entails handling large amounts of data. Furthermore, teams are under more pressure to provide business insights based on the data. To help finance teams with this task, we have a solution: DaaS (Data as a Service).

DaaS allows teams to access data when they need to and are able to use various business intelligence tools to help create actionable insights that contribute to business decisions.

Cadency DaaS

Cadency not only provides a best-in-class, cloud R2R solution, but now with the addition of a new Cadency Data-as-a-Service offering, Cadency customers can access business critical Record to Report data on-demand and use any business intelligence tools such as PowerBI™, Tableau™, etc.


In addition to Cadency DaaS, we also offer ReconNET DaaS to help support the unique needs of all our customers. Now, whether you leverage ReconNET, Cadency or both solutions, your team is able to utilize various business intelligence tools to provide critical data on-demand.


ReconNET DaaS

There is an increasing need for customizable dashboards and reports in order to visualize data within Cadency and other ecosystem applications to draw meaningful insights. Now with Trintech's ReconNET Data as a Service (DaaS), customers can use their BI tool of choice to seamlessly create actionable data visualizations to improve business outcomes.

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