There’s More To Operational Recs Than Matching

A complimentary guide illustrating key reconciliation challenges that your company may be facing and how you can use technology to solve these. Learn how automation allows you to spend less of your time data gathering and matching and more on reducing risk and ensuring integrity.

Why is matching such a cumbersome process? Haven’t we invested enough money into our ERP’s to make this process easier on us? Let’s be clear, matching should be pretty straight forward, however due to the lack of consistency across our data, we still find ourselves using spreadsheets and databases to complete the process manually outside our ERP systems.

Although matching tends to be a high priority, the reconciliation process should never really just be about the matching, even though the manual processes sometimes make it feel like that. The key point here is not that matching isn’t important, it’s that there are solutions out there that can take this challenge away simply and effectively, allowing you to focus your time on greater issues critical to your organization.

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