Accelerating the Financial Close for a Sustainable Future

Audience Responses to Webcast Polling Questions

Financial close automation can provide sustainable transformation of finance and accounting processes, leading to stronger insights into how to navigate the current economic environment. Looking ahead, process automation will be a high priority for finance and accounting (F&A) teams as they look to partner with businesses that will help put the necessary systems and tools in place to allow their team to move away from the tedious, manual tasks of the financial close to report process. Ultimately, these changes will allow organizations to focus more time and effort on analyzing the data that will help drive the strategic direction of their business.

Sustainable Financial Close Process Questions

During the webinar, Trintech and Baker Tilly discussed how financial close automation can help organizations increase efficiencies, reduce costs, improve controls, and mitigate risk. Throughout the webinar, Trintech asked participants these four financial close questions:

  1. On average, how many business days does it take to complete your financial close to report process?
  2. What is your greatest challenge as it relates to the financial close to report process?
  3. What processes of your financial close are you looking to automate?
  4. What is holding you back from starting your financial transformation project?

Download this infographic to see how attendees responded to our webinar polling questions related to this topic.

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