It’s Time to Automate Your Financial Close Process

Close Your ERP Gaps with Financial Close Automation

Discover why organizations are looking to automate their close outside of the ERP.

Did you know 50% of surveyed financial leaders identified changing numbers and post-close adjustments as the biggest challenge in the financial close process? Navigating the financial close outside of your ERP landscape only contributes to risk and lack of visibility. During the webinar, Trintech discussed the most common areas of risk outside an organization’s ERP and the challenges these risks can deliver without automation. Implementing automation into your financial close processes can help bridge the gaps outside of your ERP landscape. Throughout the webinar hosts, brought up three key questions for webinar attendees:

  1. What are your biggest process challenges in the financial close process?
  2. Which financial close processes are you looking to automate?
  3. Where are you in your financial automation journey?

Download the infographic to see how webinar participants responded to these key close questions.

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